Unlock Your Creative Inner Self

Every Ripple on the Water

By Sanford Edward

Has your life lost its magic, its meaning, its mystical sense of direction? 
Then, perhaps you should learn how the world’s greatest artists throughout the ages have tapped an intuitive creative power 
that governs the imaginal body and imbues life with a sense of the sacred. 
This wonderful story illustrates how everyone possesses a vast, untapped reservoir 
of creative energy – a creative inner self – that’s waiting to be expressed in a thousand different ways. 
Drawing examples from timeless artistic masterpieces, and artists like Michelangelo, Claude Monet, and Walt Whitman, 
Sanford Edward describes how the creative faculty functions. 
By activating what the ancient Egyptians called the “Ka,” the Greeks named “psyche,” and the Renaissance termed “soul,” 
Mr. Edward inspires the reader to enter into the mystical realm of ideas and imagination. 
What follows is a set of simple, timeless, transformational techniques that will forever change your life.




“This inspiring treatise of the creative imagination is founded on Sanford Edward’s remarkable personal journey. Passionately erudite, his groundbreaking first volume celebrates the Renaissance philosophy that sustained a Golden Age. Mr. Edward posits a singular new and transformative interpretation of Michelangelo’s timeless sculpture, the 1499 Pietá, which continually delights.

– Harvey Hamburgh, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus Art History,
Montana State University

“I want to be like Sanford Edward — living in a world and culture based on purpose, passion, people, great programs, design and projects. Please join us as we soar into Sanford’s artistic cosmos on an incredible journey through a universe of love, art, and creative insight. This trip will redefine beauty, majesty, and life itself. Won’t you come with us???”

– William “Bill” Walton

UCLA and NBA basketball Hall of Fame great

“Sanford Edward opens a creative window, through which the Renaissance Muses come shining into our lives. Their wonderful radiance animates this remarkable living text as each page nourishes our soul and ignites our imagination. Mr. Edward creates a breathtaking story from beginning to end. Reading it, I felt deeply inspired, immersed in a profound sense of belonging and homecoming”

– Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.

Chancellor and Founding President,
Pacifica Graduate Institute

About the Author

Sanford Edward lives in San Juan Capistrano, California. He holds a Master in Design Studies degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Mr. Edward is a major supporter of zumaLink, Inc., a non-profit, public charity and educational organization dedicated to inspiring people to become more creative.

What makes people creative? How does a culture create timeless art? Is there an underlying creative energy that transcends the daily, ordinary way most people live, and can this power be tapped to transform a person’s life?

These are the fundamental questions that Every Ripple on the Water addresses. Although the modern world seems dominated by rational thought, empirical results, and monetary gain, the way of the artist suggests that a deeper, more fulfilling mode of consciousness may exist. After all, how many people expect his or her life’s work to be studied, admired, or even remembered 100 years from now? And yet, isn’t this exactly what happens to the true artist?

Designed to inspire the reader to become more creative, this first of three volumes uses concrete artistic examples to describe how the creative faculty functions. The eternal message of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Pietá, guides the reader on a historic journey that leads to the summit of the Neoplatonic culture that produced Florence’s Golden Age, and highlights how women play a pivotal role in activating the creative imagination. The startlingly simple techniques that ensue enable everyone to add purpose and direction to their lives by unlocking the creative inner self.